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FIDIC Advanced Contract Administration
  Course Date & Location
Date Time Location
  From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM   Dubai, Knowledge Village, Block 3, Office F07
  Course Outline

Project Procurement Methodology

Project Feasibility

Project Time Line

Identifying the Project Risks

Lump Sum, Re-measured, or Design and Build

Project Initiation

Procurement Of Consultancy Services

Consultant’s scope

Consultant’s Authority

Design review and Comments

Design changes

Preparation of the Contract Documents

General Conditions of Contract

Particular Conditions

Appendix to Tender


Templates to be used

Tender Stage

Prequalification of Contractors

Letter of Interest

Floating of Tender

Responding to Tenderers queries, Addendums

Tender Submission

Tender Evaluation

Contract Award

Contract Award and Kick-off meeting

Commencement Date

Engineer’s delegation of duties and authorities

Contractor’s Representative

Contractor’s Mobilization

Advance Payment Security

Performance Security and Return of Tender Bonds


Breakdowns of Lump Sums and Unit Rates

Statutory Approvals and Permits

Access to and possession of site

Issue for Construction drawings

Preparation and signing of Contract

Copies of signed Contract

Continuing Validity of Securities and Insurance Performance Security


Project Progress

Quality Assurance and Control

Compliance with Local Law

Progress Meetings and Commercial Meetings

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

Progress Reports

Project Logs

Contractor’s Personnel and Equipment

Subcontractors and Suppliers Management

Nominated Subcontractors

Samples and Testing of Materials, Workmanship and Plant

Works Inspection, Testing & Acceptance

Samples and Testing of Materials, Workmanship and Plant

Works Inspection, Testing & Acceptance

Unacceptable Works, Defects Notification and remedies

Defects Notification

Acceptance of non-complying Works with payment deductions


Engineer’s Instructions

Bill of Quantities and Unit Prices

Provisional Sums


General requirements

Employer’s pre-approval

Contractor’s compliance

Variations after Substantial Completion of the Works

Valuation of  Variations

Principles of valuation

Adjustments arising from Variations in Quantities

Incorporating Variations into the Bill of Quantities by establishing new BoQ Items for

Variation Orders

Value Engineering


Work Progress

Works programme and cash flow revisions

Submission of work programme

Works programme revisions

Cash flow revisions

Contractor’s slow progress

Remedies to comply with Time for Completion

Increased working hours

Works Suspensions

Suspension of Works by the Engineer

Suspension of Works by the Contractor

Claims: Contractor’s and Employer’s

Documentation, determination and evaluation of Claims

Documentation of Claims

Procedures for Determination

Due consultation

Limits of the Engineer’s Authority

Delays, Extension of Time for Completion and associated costs

Grounds for Extension of Time

Procedures for Extension of Time Claims

Costs associated with Extension of Time

Responsibility for Delay affects Entitlement to Costs

Loss of Profit

Liquidated Damages and Bonus


Measurement of Works

Valuation of Plant and Materials intended for the Works

Contractor’s Interim Payment Statements

Interim Payment Certificates

General Requirements

Repayment of Advance Payment

Deductions for Retention

Payment of Retention Money

Security for Retention Money

Interim Payments

Delayed Payments


Interest (financing charges) on Late Payments


Project Closure

Taking Over The Works

Substantial Completion

Taking-Over Certificate

Taking-Over Certificate for the Whole of the Works

Taking-Over Certificates for Parts of the Works

Form of Taking-Over Certificate

Inspection at Completion and the Snagging List

Contractor’s Statement at Completion

Interim Payment Certificate at Completion

Engineer’s Interim Payment Certificate at Completion

Supplement Report to Interim Payment Certificate at Completion

Interim Payment at Completion

Contract Termination

Termination by Employer arising from Contractor’s Default

Termination by Contractor arising from Employer’s Default

Termination resulting from Force Majeure

Employer’s Termination for Convenience


Defect Liability Period

Defects Liability Period

Completion of Remaining Works and Rectification of Defects

Inspections and Notification of Defects

Cost of Rectifying Defects and Damage

Remedies for Non-Performance in Defects Liability Period

Extension of Defects Liability Period

Further Tests

Final Acceptance of Works

Defects Liability Certificate

Clearance of Site

Contractor’s Final Statement

Contractor’s Discharge

Final Payment Certificate

Final Payment


Disputes and Dispute Resolution

Contract Provisions

Engineer’s Decision

Dispute Adjudication Board

Amicable Settlement


  Instructor Course Fees
  Engineer: Asel El Housan
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AED 2,950.00
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Bank Name Dubai Islamic Bank
Branch Sheikh Zayed Road Branch
Account Name Management and Real Estate Academy
Account No. 016520171997101
Currency U.A.E. Dirham
IBAN AE800240016520171997101
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